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Welcome to St Mary’s House Dental Care.

Located in the heart of Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, St Mary’s House Dental Care offers high-quality dental and cosmetic treatments, including teeth whitening, SmileTru invisible braces, veneers, and even use facial aesthetics, from experienced professionals in modern, comfortable surroundings. Our newly refurbished practice has a relaxing waiting area and uses high-quality materials and equipment, including soft tissue lasers, to provide the most hygienic clinical environment possible.

We are a fully private practice and offer the best modern dentistry can provide, with a range of preventative and restorative treatments, cosmetic dentistry and current orthodontic options such as invisible braces. Please find out more about what is available on this site, or call us to arrange to come in for a chat.

Our objective is to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible. We only prescribe what you need. All of our dental treatments are available with flexible finance.

Our dentist appointments system is designed to suit our patients’ busy lives, with an early opening from 8.10 am.

Please learn how we can welcome you and your friends as new patients.

Our philosophy

We believe it is essential to spend time with you to find out exactly what you need. With experienced staff, high-quality equipment, and comfortable surroundings, we can help you make the most informed choices about dental care best suited to your circumstances. We have video presentations to demonstrate what is possible and can use dental cameras to show you what is happening inside your mouth.

Through regular checkups and hygiene visits, we can help you maintain good dental health. If you want to improve your self-image, a wide range of cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening, orthodontics, SmileTru clear positioners and invisible braces, veneers, and use facial aesthetics, are also available. If it’s been a while since your last checkup, you’ll find a calm, relaxing environment designed to put you at ease.

Our soft tissue laser technology eliminates bleeding and reduces healing time for more invasive treatments. It also allows us to exercise more precision, giving you a much better result.

We offer preventative services such as routine checkups, cleanings, and fluoride treatments for those looking to improve their oral health. We also provide emergency care for those who require urgent attention. St Mary’s House Dental Care is committed to providing our patients with the latest treatments, technology, and knowledge to help them achieve their ideal smile.

Why choose us?

At St Mary’s House Dental Care, we are committed to providing you with the highest standard of care. Our experienced dental professional team is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

We offer various treatments, from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and facial aesthetics. We aim to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and ensure you receive the best possible care. We strive to provide our patients are fully informed and satisfied with their treatment plans.

We look forward to helping you achieve your ideal smile.

We have:

  1. Experienced team of dental professionals
  2. A comprehensive range of services
  3. State–of–the–art technology
  4. Personalised and gentle care
  5. Comfortable and relaxed atmosphere
  6. Emergency care available
  7. Helping our patients achieve their ideal smiles
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